About Us

We are Skyler and Jamie Scott from Southern Utah.  We were married in July 2004.  After 1 year and 5 days of marriage, our first son, Shayden, was born.  Our second son, Landon was born 5 years and 5 days later.  A few years after Landon arrived, we hoped to add another child to our family, and after another 5-year struggle with infertility, we decided to see a specialist.  After minimal treatment, we found out that we are expecting.  To our surprise…. we are expecting QUINTUPLETS!  Yes, we’re preparing to grow from a family of 4 to a family of 9 this spring.  We invite you to join us on our journey through our pregnancy, and join us in praying for the safe arrival of our sweet babies.

We appreciate all your love and support on our journey!